Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Hey Mom Dad, Rachel, Josh, Michael and Andrew! :) 

I have to say hearing from all of you is definitely the highlight of my week! I just love each one of you so much! I hope you all know how much I love and miss you, as we teach about eternal families every day my love for you guys grows each and every day! I show people the picture of our family all the time, and tell people how much I love you guys!

 It's always fun to hear about the great things you are doing with your lives. Thanks for sharing the cute story about Andrew giving his talk, that's so sweet to hear about his love for the Savior already. :) It's so cute to see that kids already just have so much love for Christ. I really think the veil is so thin when their little. I can't believe Cali is engaged! That's so exciting! I'm so happy for her! :) They sure are cute together. Rachel, way to go on the straight A's! I can't wait to hear Josh's voice on Mother's day! I hope Michael is feeling better... Being sick is no fun... I'll keep him in my prayers. Mom, during the Women's broadcast I missed you so much! I remember that being our tradition every year. I just wanted to hug you! As they talked about how as women we need each other, and that God placed us in each other's lives for a reason, I thought of all the wonderful women he's placed in my life! Mom, Rachel, all my wonderful grandma's, Cousin's, friends, mission companions... I felt overwhelmed with emotion and tears came to my eyes. I just love you guys! 

The week started off a little rocky, I must have a really weak immune system, I caught a cold-flu virus, and was out for two days... I asked Brother Bell and Christiansen for a priesthood blessing, and it was the most touching blessing I've ever received, Heavenly Father told me everything I needed to hear! It strengthened my testimony of the power of the priesthood. I almost felt like Heavenly Father had let me get sick so I would ask for a priesthood blessing. I had only asked for a blessing of healing, but I was given direction, comfort, and peace... I had been worrying about you guys... and in the Blessing he blessed me to know that my family was being watched over by the protective caring hands of Heavenly Father. That just brought me so much peace... In the blessing he also blessed me with a greater portion of the spirit, and angels to be with me everyday. He blessed me to know that the Lord is so proud of me as his servant, and to walk with confidence, because he is with me in everything. I think Heavenly Father gives us trials to help us remember we need him... I felt so much peace and comfort after that blessing. 

After I recovered, we had such a wonderful week! We have had the opportunity to teach a recent convert named Andrew, he's amazing! He has so much faith.. He told us that although he's been overwhelmed by all that he doesn't know, that Heavenly Father gives him peace that he knows enough to keep going strong. I can only imagine how overwhelming it is to come into the church.. A whole new culture, vocabulary, etc... I forget I've had 20 years of experience... He told us in a recent visit to the doctor that he is going to lose his vision, but he has peace, because he knows that God will help him feel purpose, and peace until he gets his vision back in the next life. He is the most faith filled person I've ever met! He finds peace in the eternal perspective. 

We had a miracle this week! On Saturday we had a member visit scheduled, we had felt prompted to meet with a member Nicole Reed. Saturday morning she texted us and asked if it would be okay if she brought her friend, and said he wanted to take the lessons! :) We were so excited! That doesn't happen often! We met her friend Cody, and taught the first lesson- the message of the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ. He said all growing up he thought he was a Mormon, because he had lots of friends who belonged to the church. He has been reading the Book of Mormon with Nicole for the last few weeks, and he needed peace about deciding whether or not to be baptized and Nicole talked to him about receiving a blessing. As we met with him, he broke down in tears as we talked about the Savior's atonement, and how as he suffered, for him. Cody is so prepared! We explained that he was feeling the spirit, and that he could have that spirit always, as he is baptized and receives a remission of his sins. As we explained the peace that comes from having the spirit always, he accepted baptism. Cody's parents are very devoutly Catholic, and Nicole is a little worried about him talking to his parents... It breaks my heart that almost everyone we teach has no family support... 

Chynna’s aunt came into town this weekend, and joined us for a lesson. She is very against the church.. She kept trying to contend during the lesson.. Thankfully we'd felt inspired to watch the talk "Come Join With Us" for the lesson that day, so she couldn't commentate much. She has also told us her brother told her it would break his heart if she joined the church, and her parents aren't supportive either... Sister Reed and I continually prayed that her familys hearts would be softened. As Chynna came back from Spokane, she made it just in time for church. It was fast Sunday, and She said, Sisters I have something I want to say, so... I get up there, and then just say in the name of Jesus Christ Amen? We were so happy and explained yes, that's exactly how we bear testimony. She went to the pulpit, and said "I know that Heavenly Father will soften the hearts of all our family to the gospel, in the name of Jesus Christ Amen" I was so touched by her sweet simple testimony, she testified of what she knew was true. :) After the meeting she explained, that although her aunt had been angry at first, (We felt She had specifically made the trip down to try to talk her out of joining the church...) After Chynna talked with her about how the church had blessed her, her heart was softened. Chynna said she had even told her she would buy her a set of scriptures. So thank you for praying for Chynna I know your prayers have influenced the heart of her family members! :) 

Another miracle, Matt an investigator we are teaching read 1 Nephi all the way through 2 Nephi! :) He is so excited to learn! His roommate Ben hasn't been able to meet with us, but I really feel that we were supposed to meet Matt! :) 

I just love being a missionary, I've just come to love these people so much! I can't even explain how much I love them... I know Heavenly Father loves each and every one of his children so much! I'm so grateful he's entrusted Sister Reed and I to teach them... It's amazing to see the transformation in people as they live the gospel. It's also been amazing to be able to see the transformation in myself. As I've felt the spirit it's helped me be okay through everything... I know that when we feel the spirit it's God's way of saying.. "I love you!... I forgive you!.. I'm enabling you!" I know Heavenly Father is so aware of each one of us, he knows our struggles, he knows the desires of our hearts, and he knows exactly what experiences to give us to help us achieve the desires of our hearts. 

I love each one of you so so so much! I hope you have a wonderful week ahead. I'm so grateful for your love, and for how much each one of you has blessed my life! 

Love Always, Sister Sarah Clark :) 

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