Monday, March 24, 2014

Hey Everyone! 

Thanks for the emails, I love each one of you so much! :) It amazes me to hear how much happens in one week! I'm so glad Rachel had such a wonderful birthday, and I loved the story about the cute little mini missionaries! I'm so impressed by the youth back in our home ward... They have such strong testimonies, It will be neat to see the group of young men Josh and Michaels's ages that will all go out together, they remind me of the 2,000 stripling warriors. It was fun to see Justin's cute baby, and that's so crazy to me to see that Brady's back home! :) You'll have to tell him hi for me! Also, I would love to send him an email, if you have his email address! :) I can't believe two years have passed since he left.. How exciting! I'll keep Aunt Linda in my prayers.. That's hard to see her have to go through cancer... Mom, I'm sorry you've had a difficult week, I'll keep you in my prayers. I love you so much! Hang in there!

Well, this week was Spring Break for the students at University of Idaho. Yet surprisingly we kept busy. Well, a good majority of this week we've been contacting people on the street, and tracting apartment complexes. We've met so many people, it's been great! I love getting to share what's most precious to me everyday. Being a missionary is the best! We've met people in all situations, circumstances, from countless backgrounds. One contact that might bring a smile to your face. There was this little man with a russian accent and he was carrying around this wooden stick, with a star bead at the top, and he was wearing a pink coat, and had red dread locks. We told him about the Book of Mormon and how having faith in Christ could bring him happiness. We asked if he had any beliefs, he told us about how he believes in Hades and the book of the dead, and he asked all sorts of funny questions... Then we met an adorable man named Robert, he has downs syndrome and we started talking to him about how having a belief in Christ can help him and he said, "I believe in Aslan, he's a lion" and we told him, "God is your loving Heavenly Father Robert, he's a person just like you," He got so excited and said, "Oh! I guess that's better right?!" as he asked what we did as missionaries we told him we get to help people strengthen their relationship with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. He said, "Well that sure is something! Well isn't it" With this huge grin on his face. :) He was so cute... Oh, I'm glad life is un boring haha. :) 

Well, I want to thank you all so much for your prayers in my behalf. This was a much better week! Since the doctor perscribed me that medication I feel so much better! :) After receiving that priesthood blessing, I've gained a testimony that Heavenly Father truly does answer our prayers through others. I've gained such a strong testimony of prayer. Well, we saw so many miracles this week! 

On Monday the Johnson's, Adele and Daniel a cute couple in our married student ward, invited us to come sing hymn's at an old folk's home with them. Brother Johnson is studying music and is going to get a Doctorate and become a University professor, so he is very gifted. He invited two of the students he works with, Wesley and Elizabeth- who have incredible voices! They are all professional opera singers! Sister Reed and I were a little nervous, we can sing but not to the caliber of professional singers. We prayed that we could have angels to help strengthen us so that Wesley and Elizabeth could be touched by our testimonies through song. As we sang I felt divine help, I felt that as I sang, I was strengthened beyond my own capacity, I hit notes I didn't think I could hit. I really felt like angels were helping us. It was a neat experience. We both had the impression that we need to ask Wesley to do a musical number in sacrament meeting in our singles ward, Brother Johnson had given them each a Book of Mormon for Christmas. He asked if they still had their copies, and Wesley asked if the Easter Story was in the Book of Mormon- he responded that it was in 3 Nephi 11, After Christ was resurrected he visited the people in the America's. Wesley is such a sweet kid, I really feel Brother and Sister Johnson's testimonies will touch him. I'm excited to see where things go with him. 

Most of the people we have been teaching went home over Spring Break, Chynna went home to Idaho Falls, Ben Fujii, Matt, Michael, and everyone else went home. We had the opportunity to meet lot's of new people this week. We mostly tried to reach out to less active members this week. On our way between apartments, we met so many incredible people! We met a student named Jeremy, he's from China, and as we talked to him we learned that he had lived in Southern Idaho previously and that a good majority of his friends were members of the church. He said that every time he has friends or family come to visit from China, he invites them to go to Temple Square in Salt Lake City. He said, "You know, in China we don't have much religion and I think everyone should have it." We told him about the Book of Mormon, and he said, "Yes, the Book about Christ in the America's." We get to meet with Jeremy on Wednesday, I'm so excited to teach him! :) He says he'll be staying in the states, so we are allowed to teach him! :)  We have a whole week full of appointments scheduled, I'm so excited to meet with all these people. We're taking a darling girl Jessi on a church tour, we're meeting with a guy named JD, who has previously met with missionaries and he was excited we'd found him. 

Another miracle, we were in our district meeting, and one of our members from the Single's ward- Avery brought his friend Kala to play pool. We went out to talk with them, and Kala (phonetically-Call-uh) and she said, "Hi Sisters, I'm going to join the church!" She's so cute! She has a couple tattoo's and Smokes, and has a few challenges but I know the gospel is going to help her find so much joy! :) We are teaching her this week as well. Avery is a convert and he's been inviting her to activities and such. I'm excited for her. 

One more miracle, Sister Rasmusen and Amato from the 4th ward talked with a girl named Kimmie, they met her on the street, and she told them she had been wanting to come back to church. She brought her boyfriend Josh to the lesson, and he's not a member- in fact he's been atheist. They shared Alma 32, about cultivating faith. Kimmie has been through a life of challenges, her father pressured her into drugs, and is anti toward the church... Her mom came to the lesson, and was so overjoyed that Kimmie was coming back. :) Because Kimmie are YSA age, we get to teach them. They both came to church Sunday, and all the speakers were so led by the spirit, and the whole meeting was very Christ centered, such an answer to my prayers. After the meeting, Josh said, "That was very moving." I was touched to see them both make it to church.. I know Heavenly Father rejoices so much to see his children come back. 

I am so grateful for this gospel, every day as I've felt the spirit and Heavenly Father's love, I've felt peace. I'm so grateful I have a Savior who helps strengthen me, and helps me in this work, I know this isn't "Missionary Work" it's "The Lord's Work" and he over see's it all. I'm grateful for the peace that the gospel has brought me. I love seeing people feel God's love, I know the spirit motivates us to become more than we ever thought we could. 

Love you all so much! 

Love, Sister Sarah Clark 

Picture Caption- There was a stake preparedness fair, and lots of the Elders and Sisters dressed up, haha. :) Elder Smokey, and Sister Sparky haha! :) 

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