Monday, January 13, 2014

Hey Everyone, 

Thank you so much for all of your emails! I sure enjoy hearing from you each week. :) I love you guys so much! I feel so blessed to have you guys in my life, I don't know what'd I'd do without each one of you! 

It was fun to hear sweet Sister Mulloy sent you another letter. She is so sweet, I feel like she's adopted me as a grand-daughter, we'll come home at night to a plate of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies, and she'll always crack jokes while she's reading the paper to us. I just love her! It's been such a blessing to get to live with her. 

Well, I have some crazy news! I received a call from my District leader Elder Smith- It was our transfer call. I am going to be transferred to Moscow, and I'll be proselyting at Moscow University, serving in the young single adult ward!!!! I am so excited! My new companion will be Sister Lamb. I'm so grateful I'll have an opportunity to share with these college students, It's going to be so nice to be able to work with people my age- knowing how they feel and what they are going through at this stage in life. It's bitter sweet, I'm truly going to miss the people here. I feel like I'm leaving my family. This is where I've been for the last almost 6 months. I know them each by name and I'm so close with each one of them. It's been such a blessing to help them find joy in doing the Lord's work. It's been incredible to work with many less active members, and getting to be a part in helping them as they've been preparing to make it back to the temple. To see Sister Judi Marvin, and Sister Willis walking in the chapel doors each week. Sister Marvin just got called to be a Sunday school teacher, and it was one of the happiest moments of my life! I can just see this incredible light in them. They have re-kindled that relationship with their Heavenly Father. I have seen so many changes in these people. The light of Christ shines through them. It was such a blessing to share the gospel in it's fullness with Sue, and seeing how much she's already blessed the life of every member in our ward. I know she has inspired each of them! I love the Evergreen Ward with all my heart! I will never forget them... They have made a mark on my heart that will be there forever! 

On Saturday, Elder Neil L. Anderson came to speak with us! All 237 of us missionaries sang hymns as we awaited his arrival. The spirit was incredibly strong! I felt we were unified as one voice, then it hit me how powerful all of us are together, that we have the potential as the Lord's army to make a difference here in the Spokane Mission. It made me think of all the missionaries world wide, covering the Earth- bringing all to a knowledge of their Heavenly Father and his great plan for them. I had been praying for several days that I could gain a strong testimony that Elder Anderson is truly one of the Lord's apostles. As he walked in- he just glowed! The spirit touched my heart. After we took a photograph with him, we each had the opportunity to shake his hand. He shook my hand and looked me right in the eye, and said, "Thank you for your service Sister Clark" the fact that he said my name really touched me. It gave me a testimony that we are cared for as individuals, not just as a group. It made me think about how Christ and Heavenly Father know my name personally. I know that God shows his love to us through others. I know that that was truly an answer to my prayer. That he called me by name. I felt so much peace in my heart. I know that just as Christ has apostles during his ministry, he has called apostles again today to guide us, and to testify of him and let others know of his great love. As Elder Anderson spoke, he was so personable. He walked around the chapel with a microphone, he asked us questions and taught us so beautifully about the importance of the atonement in our lives. He said we must apply it daily to keep a testimony of it. He said we gain a testimony by doing. He told us that as members of the church we all have different personalities and that it's alright that not each of us are exactly alike. He said, "There is not "one" personality type the Lord allows to have a testimony. He said it's a blessing we are all different! He said that what we are to be doing the same is to be living righteously. What comforted me as well- he said, "We feel we must be perfect, but as long as you are diligent in your efforts, this is what matters. As we are continually in our efforts, we will become that person we desire to be. Be patient it takes time." He told us he definitely not a perfect missionary. It brought me so much comfort to know it's okay I'm not a perfect missionary. 

Before the evening session, we came in right as the priesthood session was ending, Brother Anderson was walking out, and he came up to shake my hand, and asked how Sister Strong and I were doing, he's so personable! During the evening session, He spoke all about missionary work, and we as missionaries and a ward need to unite. He called up a group that included a ward mission leader, the Assistants to the President, (AP's), A Bishop, a few others and our Relief Society President Sister Woolf. As he asked each of them how the work was going with their ward and their missionaries, he came to Sister Woolf. He asked her a few questions, he asked her, "How are the missionaries in your ward?" she replied, "They are outstanding, then she listed some of the things we have done to help the ward and she added, They are just over the top!" then Elder Anderson said, "Would those outstanding, over the top missionaries please stand?" we stood up, and I think my face probably turned bright red. He looked right at us and said, "Thank you Sisters!" How fun is that? Sister Woolf is so sweet. It's not every day that you get picked on by an apostle. :) So that was sure fun surprise! Anyway, It was probably the greatest weekend of my mission thus far! 

Anyway, we've seen so many miracles this week! We went to go visit our investigators at this apartment complex- Steve and Jacqueline, and they weren't home. We had met an Albanian man- Sergei, a week ago. I felt the strongest prompting that we needed to go and see this family! I was terrified. I don't speak Albanian. I prayed, Heavenly Father, I know you've told me we need to go see this family, I don't speak the language, but I have faith you can help them feel your love, and get the message across. We knocked on the door, and their whole family was home. We met their sweet mother, and their four darling little girls. The Salliyou Family. They gladly invited us in, and pulled us out a soda, and gathered all of their children in to hear our message. To great my great surprise they spoke just enough English that we could communicate! What a blessing! :) We talked to them about their beliefs and they have very strong beliefs that God is there. Yet, as we spoke of the Savior Jesus Christ, they said- If God is all powerful there is no such need for another God. We bore strong testimony that God is our loving Heavenly Father, and he we explained that he knew we would not be perfect, so he gave his beloved only begotten son in the flesh to pay the price for our imperfections. That through Christ we can become like our Heavenly Father. Mrs. Salliyou then told us her brother had just passed away, and we were able to share the sweet message that Christ has broken the bands of death and she will see him again. They went on to explain that they were Muslim. I was amazed to see how similar our beliefs are. What has really touched me especially lately, is that we of all faiths have the same desire, to know that God wants joy for us, to know he has a plan for us. We all have so much in common, I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, is the only church that contains the fullness of truths, and that because we have the fullness of truth we have light. We don't have to worry and wonder, because we know. We know who we are, why we are here, and where we are going. That all is possible through Jesus Christ. We have had so many miracles this week, for lack of time, this was my favorite that I thought I'd share. 

I love you all so much! Thanks for your love and support! 

Much Love, Sister Sarah Clark 

Picture Captions

0932- The Cute Willis Family (The Grandma- Margie Mother of the Two kids- Janette Son- Thomas Daughter-Dielle) 

0922- Sister Astin, and Sister Clark (She is Mrs. Bremer's Niece, this was right after the conference with Elder Anderson) 

0908- Our funny zone, and two 12 year old boys came to see what mission life is like. So much fun! :) 
 Spokane, Washington Missionaries with Elder Neil L. Anderson.

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