Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Hey Everyone! 

Dad, Happy Birthday!!! I hope it's a great one! :) You'll be getting something from me soon here! I love you so much, thanks for being the greatest Dad ever! I'm so grateful for you, thank you for working so hard to support all of us, and I'm especially grateful for your support while I've been out here on my mission! Thanks for your great sense of humor, and for always taking the time listen, I'm so grateful  for you. I know I wouldn't be where I am today without you! 

It was so wonderful to hear from each one of you and hear all the great things that are happening! I'm so excited for Rachel, Snow College sounds awesome! From everyone I've talked to who's gone there, it sounds like you get a lot more interaction with the teachers. I heard the classes are much smaller than that of those at Utah State. I had about 300-500 students in each of my classes. I hear it's 30-100 students per class at Snow College. I think it sounds like a great place to get your generals! Much more affordable as well! I'm so excited for you Rachel! :) You will absolutely love college! Enjoy you're last semester of High School! :) I loved my senior year of high school! 

Mom, that's so awesome you've started the Book of Mormon challenge! Isn't starting the day with the scriptures the best? I don't know how I went through my whole day before without reading till night, reading at the beginning of the day really gives you that spiritual strength throughout the day. There's a promise in 1 Nephi 15:24, that says we'll have strength against the adversary as we read the word of God! 

I have been so truly blessed to have this opportunity to serve with Sister Lamb! You asked where she's from, her Mom is Native American, and her Dad is Peruvian, cool right? So from that you're probably guessing where she grew up- The foreign land of Provo, Utah! :) haha. There are a lot of Utahn's out here! :) It's fun. We live with two other sisters. Sister Luki- She's from New Zealand (She's a temple square sister, but she's on her "Out Bound" experience, every sister at temple square gets an opportunity to go out for a transfer to proselyte, and Sister Rasmussen- Park City, Utah. It's so much fun living with them, I just love all of them! :) We live in this cute little apartment about a 5-10 minute walk away from Idaho State University's campus. We are serving in two wards, Moscow University 1st and 2nd wards. Our first ward is a young single adult ward, and the 2nd ward is a young married ward. I love working with people my age! I've never had a more full schedule, everyone this age is searching for truth, they are all in the mind set of learning. Everyone is so open, we have about 7 investigators we are working with! I've only met a few thus far. 

We have an investigator Jeff who's studying fire ecology, he's been a Christian his whole life, he has such child like faith! The sisters found about two weeks before I came here, as they were out street contacting. His step mom's father is actually a temple sealer. Crazy right? As we've taught him, he has such sincerity to know truth. He is preparing himself to be baptized on March 1st. We are so excited for him! We had a miracle on Sunday! This darling girl China came to church all by herself. We asked her what had struck her interest. She has been speaking with her friend Matt who is serving a mission in California, and he'd encouraged her to go to church several times, and she decided to go! :) She has always been interested in religion, but hadn't found a church that was right for her just yet. We've been teaching her, we had a lesson with her yesterday and she's very interested! :) Our other investigator Jacob has grown up agnostic, and we had a lesson with him and his Presbyterian friends who were asking us questions to try to catch us in our words, we had one of the institute teachers Dr. Jenkins with us who has an incredible knowledge of the Bible, and he answered every one of their questions perfectly! It was amazing! I was so grateful to have him with us! Our other investigator Zack, has had a difficult life, he had twins out of wedlock, and he loves them so deeply. His girlfriend left him, and he doesn't have custody rights to see his children. He is searching for belonging and to feel love. It's neat to see the ward has really taken him under their wings. He's out of work and school and just searching right now. There are so many people we've found who are just searching to know who they are. It such a blessing to get to share these incredible truths with them, that they are children of loving Heavenly Father, who has a great purpose and plan for them. They are here to grow and become like him. It's incredible that we have the answers to these questions and we can help them find this peace in their lives. 

I love being a missionary! :) It's been such a blessing to get to serve with Sister Lamb. I've learned so much from her already. With it being her last transfer, she has helped me recognize that I can't take this time for granted. That it's such a blessing to get to serve, and that my time out here is so short. It makes me want to work harder, and put my all into each day I have out here. I can't believe I'm already through 1/3 of my mission! Time goes by so quickly. I feel we have so much work to do! I hope to bring this message to as many as I can. 

Wish I had more time to write... Know that I love each one of you so much! Thank you for your love, support and prayers! Your prayers are being answered we are finding so many people who've been searching for the truth! :) 

Love Always, Sister Clark 

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