Monday, November 25, 2013

Hello Everyone, 

Great to read your emails as always! I love you guys! Mom, thank you so much for sending me a hard copy of that story of the miracle in the Philippines, and Andrew's cute little picture haha. That story touches me every time I read it. I'm so glad all of those missionaries are okay. Heavenly Father truly does look out for his missionaries. I've seen that countless times out here. I'm so glad Sister Poffenberger called you! She is such a sweet heart! She is one of our ward missionaries and she has adopted us as her grand children. She is so cute, when we're cold she let's us stop in to warm up and she always sends us away with some cookies. It's been such a blessing anytime we're cold, we just stop in at members homes to warm up. It's been great! So don't worry this ward takes such good care of us. :) It was exciting to hear that Bryant got his mission call! He's going to be such a great missionary! He's sure a great kid. Thanks for filming Rachel's performance, I'll be looking forward to that when I get back home! I can't believe she'll be going to college soon here.. I'm so excited for her! Keep me posted, and Rachel don't worry about the ACT score, I wish I would've received a higher score than I did, but all that matters is that you're able to get into a college you'd like to go to. Utah State was my dream come true! I had the greatest year there. I'm sure whichever you choose you will love! It breaks my heart to hear about Aunt Linda, and poor Aunt Gwen, they'll be in my prayers. As for your question about Thanksgiving, I'm so excited we've been invited by two families! :) The Jenkins and the Guinn families. So it should be fun! 

Well, this week has been wonderful! To start off with a funny story, on Friday night we visited two cute families with darling little kids. The Spear family had 2 children, one being their 3 year old Sadie, cute little blue eyed, blond curly haired girl. While we taught the restoration, we starting teaching about how Christ through Heavenly Father set up his gospel here on this Earth. Sadie raised her hand and started jumping up and down. "Yes. Sadie." "Um, I know that for a long time Jesus was locked up in a cage, and then God saved him!" We tried so hard to keep a straight face, haha and said,"Yes, your right before he was resurrected they laid his body in a tomb." Then we went to the Hanley's home. They had a 2 daughters, 2 and 5. It was so cute 5 year old Avery was thrilled to see us. She came and sat right in the middle of Sister Strong and I, and we let her help teach the lesson, as we placed Sister Strong's name badge on her pajamas. As we taught about how the gospel blesses families she raised her hand and said, "Yes, and families teach us not to talk to strangers, so we won't get kidnapped." so matter of factly. Then she whispered in my ear, "Hey Sister Clark, I have a bunk bed! You have to see it!" Oh, I love kids. :) They are so funny. 

 We've been working hard, although we haven't met anyone genuinely interested this week I feel God has blessed me with deepened perspective. We got permission to go to a Doctrine and Covenants class every Thursday. I have loved being able to delve into it! We talked about section 128, when Joseph received revelation for the ordinance of baptisms for the dead. What really touched me, we spoke about why it's so crucial that we do the work for those who've passed on, and until they are able to accept baptism, they aren't able to be at peace, and the adversary still has the ability to tempt them. When they are able to accept the baptism they can't be affected by the adversary anymore, and they are able to feel peace. We had had a lesson with Sue this week about the blessings of the temple, Family History, and invited her to go get a recommend to go do baptisms. She was at that class with us on Thursday, and it was neat to see her light up as she recognized how many names she has to take to the temple! She got her recommend last night, and it's so touching to see how quickly she's progressed! She amazes me. Sue is on fire! :) 

This Sunday we had Stake Conference, and Elder Richard J. Maynes, of the presidency of the seventy came and spoke to us. his message was about uniting as members and missionaries. A few things he said really touched me. He said that the reason this work is progressing so rapidly is that The Lord see's the faith of the members and that we as a people have been prepared to move this work forward. That is why triple the amount of missionaries have been called! He said that as we pray for missionary opportunities daily, it will change the way we look at opportunities. He gave the example of meeting a UPS Delivery man, he said that usually we we just see this as a delivery, but that one man had had the experience of praying that morning for missionary opportunities when a delivery man came to his door just hours later. He'd been reading his scriptures, and walked out with a book of Mormon, and the Delivery Man asked what he was reading and the man had an opportunity to share about the Book of Mormon. It touched me, that as we pray for something to come to pass we see everything with a different set of glasses, or a different perspective. As he prayed for missionary opportunities, he saw them. I know as we pray for opportunities to share the gospel we'll have them. I'd like to invite you all to carry a pass along card and a Book of Mormon with you in your purse or back pack, and pray for a missionary opportunity, and I can promise you Heavenly Father will bless you with an opportunity to share. :) He touched on the fact that we don't have to be best friends with someone to share the gospel. It can be simply and acquaintance. His talk really changed my perspective. Then President Mott, spoke about Faith and talked about Ether 12:6. He spoke about how sometimes the trial of our faith is that we don't have complete knowledge of what will happen when we take action. He said it is acting without the knowledge of the end result that can be the trial of our faith. He than went on to say that revelation comes while we are in action, and we shouldn't wait for answers to come to us, we should seek them. It was an incredible conference! I had the opportunity to shake hands with Elder Maynes, and thank him for his talk. That was the first time I'd met an authority, it was a neat experience. 

Well, I'm short on time today.. So sorry my letter is so brief. 

I hope you have a great Thanksgiving! I'm so thankful for each one of you in my life. You have all influenced me, and touched me in so many different ways. I'm so thankful for this gospel and the light it brings to my life. I'm thankful for our prophet who leads us today, I'm thankful for the power of prayer and that I can talk with my Heavenly Father whenever I need him. That has been my greatest source of strength, I know I couldn't make it without the constant help of my Heavenly Father.  I'm so grateful to get to be out here on a mission, I'm grateful for wonderful parents, who are so supportive loving and have sacrificed so much for us. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! 

I love you all so much!

Love Always, Sister Sarah Clark 

Bishop Clark- He is so wonderful, so grateful to have the opportunity to serve with him. (He asked, are we related through Ezra T's wife Mary Stevenson?)

 Sister Poffenberger, Sister Strong and I- we call her Grandma Poff. :) 

Wheel Chairs- Visiting Less Active Member Janine Long, we delivered a humongous Book of Mormon. :) Isn't she so cute, this was just a kodak moment. 

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