Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Hey Everyone, 

Thanks for the updates and emails! :)

I'm so excited to Skype with you guys too! Mom, a lady in the Branch Sister Benham said she'd call you to coordinate. Sorry it's taken me so long.  Also, the Mandarin is my favorite! That sounds fun to me, thank you so much! :) Also, thank you for talking to Sister Fisher about my bike. Mom and Dad, thank you for all your help while I've been out here. I got the Christmas package you sent, and also want to Thank Aunt Nanette and Grandma & Grandpa Clark, and Grandma Walpole for the fun packages they've sent. Also thank you everyone for the fun Christmas Cards. :) I have the best family and friends in the world! 

As usual something that will bring a smile to your face. We get to do all sorts of service projects in Plummer, This week the first day our new companion Sister Bohling arrived we went to wash dishes for a member whose pipes broke down. Three weeks of dishes and we washed them in a Bath Tub. I've never been more grateful for hot water, and a kitchen sink before in my life! 

It looks like you all had a great week. Dad, I was laughing so hard when you shared Andrew's experience with me. He's getting so clever, it sounds like he has so much personality. haha. Rachel and Jared are sure cute together! :) Mom, I loved the experiences you shared. That was sweet to hear about how the lady you met at the Post Office had been praying for an opportunity to serve. It sounds like you are helping so many people. I've loved hearing about your experiences this year.

I can't believe this is the last time I get to email you as a missionary. I feel so may emotions right now, I'm a little heart broken as I think of taking of my name badge, and not doing this full time anymore. I am so grateful for this experience to have been so close to my Heavenly Father every day. A quote from President Utchdorf's talk in April 2014  brought me peace.  He says "How grateful I am to my Heavenly Father that in His plan there are no true endings, only everlasting beginnings." There are no endings in the gospel, only beginnings. I'm so thankful my "Mission" will never be over. Now I'll get to help in being a member missionary. <3 The joy that comes from seeing people progressing is something I can't express in words... 

As I've had time to reflect, my heart is full of so much gratitude. This year and a half has completely changed my life! I didn't realize how grateful I was for the gospel, until I got to share it with others who haven't had it in their lives. I've seen how these precious truths have changed, healed, and empowered them in their own lived. The greatest miracle has been applying it in my own life. I came to realize just how many weaknesses I have. This has been such a blessing! I couldn't change , until I recognized my weaknesses and came to my Savior. I think the greatest thing I've gained from my mission is my relationship with my Heavenly Father, and My Savior. I'm grateful for the hardship I experienced that brought me to my knee's and felt the Savior heal my heart. In the Mormon Message, "The Will of God" the words of the man going through that experience describe how I feel. "Thanks for loving me, enough to cut me down." I'm grateful for the knowledge I've gained, that this is how we progress. 

A Few of our Miracles This Week 

 Having Linda come out to Don's lessons this week. He had read the first 4 chapters but skipped the introduction page. Linda bore powerful testimony of how the Book of Mormon helped her know God's church is on the Earth again, and shared the experience of her baptism. It really softened Don's heart. <3 He's on date for January 11th

Rayven is going to be Baptized on February 7th! His cousins are going to be baptized on that same day by his uncle. ( they are 9 and 10) and he again came to church for all 3 hours this week, and He's been reading every day! :) I'm so excited for him.

Getting to Help with the Christmas Families Coalition- Elder Rockwood was the Chairman for this group, we got to help wrap, distribute and deliver presents throughout the week to family's in need. It was sure a humbling experience. I felt so much joy as we saw the gratitude in their eyes. That really brought in the spirit of Christmas. 

Well, I love each one of you so much! I'm looking forward to talking to you on Thursday! :) Thanks for all your love and support while I've been out here! I couldn't do this without all of you!

Much Love, Sister Sarah Clark

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