Monday, December 8, 2014

Hey Everyone,

I just wanted to thank all of you SO much for the birthday wishes, delicious treats, money, and thoughtful letters. I had a fun birthday, Sister Larsen surprised me last P-Day by inviting all the Sisters to come to Golden Corral, and surprised me with a birthday card that all of the Sisters had signed. It was so sweet!  :) The day of my Birthday we went to help Linda with a project she was doing, and she surprised me with cupcakes, and I received lots of letters this week. :) Thank you everyone! I had a great birthday! 
I was so inspired by your emails this week! Dad, it was so touching to hear about Angela- I didn't know the non-profit has generated over 188 referrals. I know Heavenly Father is so grateful you followed the spirit in creating that website. That you were able to be an instrument in his hands in answering her prayers. Maybe one day we'll get to meet her. :) That was so touching to see her with the Elders, it's almost unreal. :) Dad, you have taught me so much about missionary work throughout my life, from sharing the gospel on planes as we were on vacation. Our experience with Esther on the cruise, etc... Thank you for teaching me how to be a missionary. :) 

Mom, I can't believe you got to meet David Archuleta!! I'm so jealous right now. :) Well, if Rachel's to tall, I guess I wouldn't be right? Haha j.k.  It's incredible to see someone famous use their talents to glorify Heavenly Father.  ( 1 Corinthians 6:19-20) Thanks for sending those song lyrics. I love that message.... 

It was fun to see Josh at his choir concert, Kenny and his adorable wife, and I love the cute Christmas card! :) Thanks for the pictures you send every week, I love them! :) I'm glad to hear you guys had such a great week! 

I have learned so much this week! It's had it's ups and downs just as a normal week does. We had a specialized training this week, and we tried implementing a lot of teaching techniques from the "Come Follow me Program" I love reading about how the Savior taught. That inspired questions really help people soul search and when they apply the doctrine, and see the personal relevance they develop the faith to receive an answer. 

Sister Mullen gave a wonderful training about the foundation we build our lives upon. 

1. "My Way" foundation. We make decisions based upon what "We" think is best. We go throughout our day just going through the motions. We "Do" a lot, but we don't know if it was Heavenly Father's will or not. Yields: us to stagnate in our progression, emptiness, pride, misery, etc... President Mullen said, "Sometimes the natural man causes us to tarry in the wilderness." 

2 "Willingness to Change" Foundation. As we prayerfully ask the Lord each day what he'd have us do, what he'd have us change in our lives, we are emulating the atonement. Becoming like Christ. Our actions and decisions are guided by the spirit. Yields: Joy, fulfillment, happiness, progression. 

I really needed this training, because I'll admit after being a missionary for so long, you feel confident in your decisions and the way you want to teach a principle, and to go with the day "you" have scheduled. After this training, I have been praying every day that Heavenly Father would soften and open my heart to his will. I have seen so many miracles, and have prayed more frequently that I could help Heavenly Father fulfill "His" will. I'm so grateful for the power of change in my life.

Miracles of the Week- 
Rebecca- She's the music teacher for the district here. She sung professionally on Broadway, she moved in a few months ago, she did come to church once with us, and has been church hopping. Finally for the first time she invited us to come in and let us talk with her. She had lots of questions about missionary work. She asked how we'd decided to serve, and Sister Larsen got to share our experiences. I think the spirit really touched her. She said, "You know, God really inspired me to move here, but I'm still trying to figure out why... I hope he'll show me soon." I wanted to say, "well, let me tell you. :)" But it's great, a member from our branch has been able to get her involved with the Christmas program, they've been becoming good friends. It was such a testimony to me that Heavenly Father truly is answering her prayers. <3 

Rayven- This week we taught him that we have a prophet today, and showed him the clip ,We Need Living Prophets, everytime we share that video the spirit is so strong! We then invited him to watch President Monson's last talk from conference, and to afterwards pray to know if he is a Prophet called of God. We followed up the next day and he sent a message saying, "It was interesting. :) " Us: "Interesting meaning?" Rayven- "I did not know there was a prophet until you informed me! :) " he received his answer! :) 

Don- Our new investigator- he was a former, and we decided to see how he was. As we talked and got to know Don, he told us about what is most important to him, his challenges, etc.. He explained how he was slowly beginning to lose his memory. The spirit prompted me to bear testimony, "As you read the scriptures Heavenly Father will bless you and help enlarge and strengthen your memory" Heavenly Father really inspires us to bear testimony of the things he will bless those we teach with. Sister Laprath came with us, and she bore powerful testimony of her decision to join the church and how it's blessed her life. Sister Laprath had come to his last lesson months ago, and she said his heart has really softened. <3 

I hope all of you have a wonderful week! I love you all so much! Thank you for your love, support and prayers! :) 

Love, Sister Sarah Clark 

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