Monday, November 10, 2014

Hey Everyone! 

Thank you so much for your emails! I love hearing from you! It sounds like you guys all had a great week. I'm so happy things are looking up for Dad with this new business. That's great you'll be able to help so many people get online. I'm so excited for you! Our prayers are being answered. Things are panning out! Mom, I loved the pictures you sent this week! It was so fun to see everyone. :) I especially loved the picture of Hazel and Andrew going down the slide haha. Oh, McCall and her husband are so cute! I'm so happy for her. :) So many great things are happening. Heavenly Father has blessed us so much. Michael, that sure took a lot of courage to follow the spirit in giving a talk, without having time to prepare. I'm so proud of you, I don't know if I'd have that much courage! What an incredible experience you were able to have taking 20 family names to the temple! I'm glad you all had such a good week.

My email is going to be brief this week, As I took time to figure out my schedule for the semester. But I have so many miracles to share with you! Heavenly Father has been answering our prayers. 

My favorite moments of the week include.

1. Going to the Temple with Sue as she received her endowment. 
It was one of the most incredible moments of my whole mission. She had actually brought in over 20 of her family names that she gave to ward members so that work could be done for her family. It was so good to see all the members from the Evergreen Ward, not to mention it just happened to be ward temple day for the Married Student Ward I'd served in in Moscow, so I got to see my old ward mission leader and his wife- Joey and Lauren, and the Johnson's, all these people I know and love. I loved being in the Celestial room with all of them. I got a little glimpse that day of what the celestial kingdom is going to be like. Everyone we love, all in one place. Joy beyond words... 
~ I also got to stop in and have lunch with Sister Reed, it was SO good to see her again, I sure love and miss her. We found out Chynna and Michael are engaged, so we've decided we want to come back for their wedding! :) 

2. Finding out that Linda Schmidt used to be a famous trick rider when she was 9 years old! :) (Pictures below.) 

3. Taking Rayven and his Mom Michelle on a Church Tour- They are a member family in our branch's relatives. Sister Kennach's brother George isn't a member of the church. At their family party last week, we'd talked to Rayven (He's about 16 years old) and invited him on a church tour. He is so prepared for the gospel! :) The church tour was so powerful, the Rockwood's joined us for it. He explained the feelings of peace, and warmth that he felt. He'd been to a church in Seattle where they'd moved from, and he said he wants to start coming to church again! He said he wants to be baptized! :) We're so excited for him.

4. Sister O'Dell Wants her Kids baptized! The O'dell's are a Part Member Family, The Mom Akilah is inactive, and her husband is not a member. The Rockwood's talked with them this week, and Akilah said she wants her boys baptized. (They are 8 and 10 I believe...) So we'll get to start teaching them this week! 

5. Church! We were thinking of ways we could help those we're teaching make it to church. Sunday morning we brought Jed a pancake breakfast, and that helped him get up and going and then he came to church! :) Rayven and Ashlynn made it as well. :) Such a great day. 

6. We felt inspired to talk to Lisa about Priesthood Blessings. Elder Rockwood will be giving her one tonight. <3 

It was such a great week, I'm so grateful to get to be a missionary! The joy that comes in seeing people accept the gospel, and feel the joy the spirit brings is incomparable to anything I've ever experienced. I love all of you, and Hope you have a wonderful week!

Much Love, Sister Sarah Clark.


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