Monday, October 13, 2014

Hey Everyone! 

From the pictures, it looks like you all had a wonderful week! :) I can't wait to meet Dave Jr. he is so cute! It was fun to hear all of Andrew's stories, It's fun to hear that he came up with all those responses on his own, he's picking up Dad's sense of humor. ;) aha. Oh, I can't wait to hear his voice again. Mom, as to coming home- I did call President Mullen the other day, and I had talked about going home January 26th- but I'll see if I could come home December 29th. I've been debating about it, I think it would be great to come home and work for awhile, and if I could start online classes with USU, that would be wonderful. Would you be able to look into that for me? I believe registration would be coming up really quickly. My counselor's name is Marcia Roberts- if you need to talk with her. I would love to see you all in December. I'll pray more about it. Anyway, thanks for all the fun pictures this week! :) I loved them. Mom, I love the picture of you and Dad at the temple, I'm looking forward to going! 

This week was a little slower.We were getting a little discouraged, we found out that Lloyd has water on his lungs, and an enlarged heart- he's not doing very well. Then we lost contact with Bry, we had been trying to call, text and stop by her house, and no one knew where she was. I just about broke down, Not to mention Sister Larsen I are still learning the area,  It's been hard I've felt the weight of trying to take care of everyone, and making sure no one slips through the cracks. Our area is huge with the 5 towns we cover, we had several appointments fall through. We've been sorting out our area book that's full to the max, which is nice, but several records don't have addresses, once we get it finished, it'll be so much easier for us to receive revelation. We had a special fast for our area, that we'd be able to find those who are ready. We've really been working with our members, looking for opportunities to serve, and help in any way we can. From weeding gardens, to teaching primary, I feel we are gaining the trust of our members. 

In preach my gospel, President Hinkley says, 
"“So many of us look upon missionary work as simply tracting. Everyone who is familiar with this work knows there is a better way. That way is through the members of the Church. Whenever there is a member who introduces an investigator, there is an immediate support system. The member bears testimony of the truth of the work. He is anxious for the happiness of his investigator friend. He becomes excited as that friend makes progress in learning the gospel." 

As we looked at our statistics this week- it looked like we hadn't been doing much work- but in the end, it gives me so much comfort to know that Heavenly Father knows the work we put in. I feel that once we strengthen our members things will take off. I know Heavenly Father has great things in store just around the corner. 

We have a huge cultural even coming up this week- and it should be a great way to meet new people. They'll be singing and dancing from groups of the Martial Islands, Native Americans, South Americans, and then we as a branch are going to sing "Come Come ye Saints." There's going to be a Samoan Roast Pig, S'mores, etc. I'm looking forward to it! :) I'm praying we'll be able to meet many new people. <3 

Yesterday, we had a miracle! Bry called us back, and we just found out that she's been working overtime, day and night shifts at the Care Center. She said she was able to get Saturday's and Sunday's off! That was a huge miracle! :) She wasn't able to make it to church, so we're going to push her baptismal date out, but I think it'll be good for her to have this time to deepen her conversion. 

Something that I learned this week is how Heavenly Father answers our prayers. I was reading Jean A. Steven talk from last conference, "Fear Not I am with Thee." 

Truly our Father knows us and hears the pleadings of our hearts. He accomplishes His miracles one prayer at time, one person at time.
We can trust that He will help us, not necessarily in the wawe want but in the way that will best help us to grow. Submitting our will to His maybe difficult, but it is essential to becoming like Him and finding the peace He offers us.
We can come to feel, as C. S. Lewis described: “I pray because can’t help myself. … pray because the need flows out of me all the time, waking and sleeping. It doesn't change   God. It changes me.”3 
It's incredible to think of all the millions of people in the world, and to know he is aware of you particularly that he answers specifically your prayers. <3 The gospel is for us individually, He answers our prayers one by one. 
This week as I've prayed continually that Heavenly Father will bless this area, I came to recognize that Heavenly Father had been trying to teach me an important lesson all week. He taught me that all that matters is that he knows what I'm doing. I'm so grateful Heavenly Father Judges us according to our hearts. That sometimes others may judge us from the outward results they see, but that what matters is not what they think, but what Heavenly Father thinks. Everything is always alright as long as we are right with God.  <3 
Well, I hope you all have a wonderful week! I love each one of you so much! You are in my prayers always, I know our Savior lives, and that he's there always. I'm so grateful for this Gospel, it changes my life everyday! The Atonement is real, and covers all.  I can say with all my heart, that this church is God's on the Earth. 
Love Always,
 Sister Sarah Clark 
~ Throw Back Picture- On my year mark- It's tradition to burn a skirt, so Sister Huang Rees and I kept up the tradition, haha- so there you go. ;) 
The Other Picture- was on the University of Idaho Campus
P.S.  More Pictures to come next week ;) Sorry about this week- I'm going to do better. 

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