Monday, August 11, 2014

Hola Mi Familia! 

Thank you so much for your emails! :) I can't believe how much happened this week, my best friend got married! Oh, Tim and Cali, they are so cute! :) I am so so happy for her! I broke down in tears, I miss and love her. I'm so happy for her though. She looked stunning, I can't believe my best friend is married. I'm glad Michael is okay from the bike accident, I'll keep him in my prayers. Michael, I love you! I'm so so glad you're okay. I can't believe you biked 40 miles! You're going to make a great missionary one day. ;) My heart broke seeing Elena Utrillia's home.. that is so hard, I can't even imagine, I'm glad she's alright as well... I'll keep her in my prayers too. I'm glad to hear you guys are doing well. 

My favorite highlights of the week, Our emergency training. Sister Reed was having a really hard time this week and gave a training on Enduring to The End. She bore powerful testimony of how she knows God is there for her, even with her depression, she bore testimony of the atonement, and she bore testimony that God still sees us even when we feel like the pioneers at the back of the wagon train with dust flying in our faces, as we can't see the end. The spirit bore testimony to me that God has seen me all while I've been here in Moscow. He sees us, always. <3 Elder Frampton trained on Eternal Perspective, The title of his training, "Who Am I" he talked about how we are not just earthly beings. That we existed thousands of years before this life, that we were preparing and stayed faithful for thousands of years, that God loved us, and had a great plan for us. He invited each of us to pray for Heavenly Father to remind us of who we are. Then to read our patriarchal blessings and look for promises that God has made to us, then to read those and recognize that that is an expression of his love. He talked about the spirit of remembrance, it's there to remind us of who we are- eternal beings of a loving heavenly father. It was incredible. We ended with a testimony meeting, and we were all in tears. Moscow has been hard for every set of missionaries in our district, all of us were in tears, but the spirit touched our hearts. We have all grown so- so close together. I love this District so much! 

So huge changes are happening, the District Leaders called in last night and I got news that I'm heading to Plummer Idaho! :) It's out in the boons of Idaho, so it should be an adventure! I was brought to tears knowing that I'm leaving everyone I love... Sister Reed who I love so much! My sweet missionaries I live with Sister Rees and Piliami, Chynna and her boyfriend Michael Clark, Chynna's baptism is on August 23rd, and I'm so thankful that we'll get to come back for it. ... I'm so happy for Sister Reed, she's going to the Evergreen Ward! My first area. :) They are going to take such good care of her, and she gets to serve again with the companion she was with before me, and they are best friends. I'm so glad to know she'll be well taken care of. My new companion is Sister Ridge, and Sister Piliami that I live with served with her for 6 months and just loves her! Plummer is right next to Couer D'alene, so I'll get to serve by my MTC companion Sister Richardson! :) I'm so happy! Moscow has felt like Ammonihah, yet it's a sacred place to me. I feel like I learned so much about myself, God, and my Savior here- If it wouldn't have been hard I would not have learned. It has been a place that has helped me put my trust in God, that his plan is greater than my own. 

This week, we have had our last lessons with Matthew and Meghan, They are completely changed people. I love them so so much! I'm so grateful friendships are eternal, I cry just thinking about leaving them. They love the Lord, they love God, and they love this gospel! We had a church tour with the Sister's from the family ward, they'd come with us the night before to teach with us, and the spirit confirmed to my heart that they are the one's who will take care of them. I trust those Sisters. Sister Johnson, and Sister Thatcher. I'm so excited for them to be able to go to the family ward, they will take such good care of them. It was the sweetest thing, Matthew has been in tears all week- he was having a hard time knowing that we would be leaving. On Friday he prayed to know if things would be okay, and he said he felt a warm hug around him. I can't tell you how hard it is leaving those two. I love them so much! It breaks my heart, but I know it's Heavenly Father's will. We are seeing them one last time tonight. <3 We called Chynna last night to tell her, and she was in tears and so were we. 

Sister Reed shared a scripture with me that I love-  2 Nephi 1:30
30 And now, Zoram, I speak unto you: Behold, thou art the servant of Laban; nevertheless, thou hast been brought out of the land of Jerusalem, and I know that thou art a true friend unto my son, Nephi, forever.

Forever means Eternal. <3

Sister Reed told me something another Sister said to her, Sister Rasmusson. Who lived with us a few months ago. She said, "Imagine the Savior, with his warm smile, and loving arms. Now imagine yourself walking up to him with each person you worry about and love. Now you ask the Savior, will you please take care of them for me? He wraps you and them in a warm embrace and says yes, you can trust me, I will take care of them." It touched my heart, I've done that several times this week, anytime I worry about one of you, I imagine the same thing and it brings peace to my heart. 

I love you all so much! Thank you for loving me, I know that Love is the power and force that helps us continually move forward. Remember who you are, whenever you feel you are struggling, remember how many years of preparation you had before this life. You are capable, God knew you could do it. :) Remember the Savior is there to make up the difference for the things we can't do on our own. I love you, he loves you! 

Much Love, Sister Sarah Clark 

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