Monday, May 19, 2014

Hey Everyone! 

It was so good to hear from all of you! :) Thanks so much for the emails! Rachel, congratulations with graduation from seminary! :) Oh, seminary is the best- you are going to love institute as well, it just keeps getting better! I still am mind blown that you are going to be graduating from high school! I love the cute pictures of all of you and your friends. How fun, everyone looks so grown up... Time goes by so quickly! How neat that Michael got to pass the sacrament this week. Dad, I'll keep you in my prayers this week especially- that's incredible you made it into the top ten. I know Heavenly Father is very aware of you, and that if this is right, that they will be inspired to call you- just like you said. I love you Dad! I really hope you get this job! :) That would be incredible! Mom, it warms my heart to hear about all the incredible opportunities you've had to serve! I know you are touching so many lives. That's so neat to hear you were able to find 4 names to take to the temple! 

I'm so excited this week we get to travel to Hayden for a Specialized Training, and Elder Adukitus of the 70 is coming to speak to us! During conference he gave the talk about seeking answers to know truth. I'm excited to meet him! :) Other news- we got a call from our district leaders last night- transfer calls! We had all waited in suspense all day... You don't know where you'll be going until Sunday night, then if you get transferred you have Monday to pack- along with all other responsibilities- then Tuesday you take the transfer van to your new area. Elder Church put us on 3 way call with the other set of Sisters. He announced that Sister Reed and I are staying another transfer in Moscow! The other sisters we live with are staying as well! I'm so happy! I feel that this transfer we are going to see miracles. One of our goals for this transfer is to change someone's life! Whether it be by bringing them back to church, or helping them make promises with God through baptism. 

This week my goal was to push past my fears and talk with everyone! I had some incredible experiences as a result. We were on the bus on Wednesday- and I started talking to this woman next to me- she seemed a little stand off-ish. I complimented her on the set of scriptures she was holding in her lap. She thanked me, and we started talking about Jesus Christ, and how he'd strengthened her in her life. I learned that she was Catholic. I then started to talk about how much God loved her, and talked with her about the Book of Mormon, she looked at me and said, I'm okay, I already have all I need in the Bible. I told her I loved the Bible as well, and that the Book of Mormon helped strengthen my testimony of the Bible, and expounded upon truths of the bible. Usually once they are un-interested I don't proceed much further. We came to a halting stop, As Sister Reed and I stood up the woman sitting behind the woman I'd been talking to said, "Excuse me. Can I have a bible?" I explained I didn't have a copy with me, but that I could get her one. Then she asked, "Well, can I have a Book of Mormon?" we gladly gave her a copy and got her information so we could get her a copy. Incredible right? Her name is Tammy, and she'd be in the family ward, so I'm excited for the Sisters to get to teach her. :) The whole time, I had no idea that it was Tammy that God had prepared! 

This week so many people went home. It was so hard to say good bye to Chynna... We had our last lesson with her, we were able to go through the baptismal interview questions. Her answers touched my heart. She has grown so much spiritually. She bore her testimony of how much it meant to her to know she has a loving Heavenly Father, she just loves her Savior with all her heart, and knows she can constantly change through him. She loves this gospel so much! She knows her divine identity, and knows her purpose in life. I'm so happy for her! She's going to go to church with her friend Katie this summer, who recently decided she wants to start coming back to church. It's amazing to see the lives Chynna is influences. I love her with all my heart! I think we must have known each other in the life before this. :) 

Other miracles, we were able to come in contact with 3 people that we've been trying to come in contact with for 4 1/2 months! As we plan at night, it's amazing that when we listen to the spirit, God can guide us to these people, he knows when they'll be home, and also when they are prepared. We met a less active named Don! Bishop Boydston met him just weeks ago, we are excited to start teaching him. He's in his 20's and could still serve a mission! So that's our hope. :) Then we finally came in contact with Kyle, he lives with a less active member Matt. We asked Kyle about his religious background, and he said, "No religion in particular- I'm just looking for the right fit." We are also going to start teaching him this week! 

Well, I know without a doubt, that this gospel is true! I know that we have an incredibly loving Heavenly Father, who gives us all our experiences so we can become like him. There is purpose to everything that happens to us. I have grown in love for my Savior. I know that there was a moment when he was performing the atonement that he thought of just me, and just you. He shed drops of blood, so that we can have eternal life. I know he loves me personally and he loves you. I hope you all have a wonderful week ahead! 

I love you all so much! 

Love Always, Sister Sarah Clark 

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